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Cuban swimsuit designer shares tips to look hot in a suit

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Cuban designer Luli Fama knows what it takes to make a Latina woman look good in a swimsuit. She's been making a living doing just that for the last nine years. And her skills have won her celeb clients like Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Shakira, and more.

"They've all told me my suits give them the best derriere," said Fama, whose suits have appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue several times.

Fama's designs run the gamut from bikinis and monokinis to wavy stitched triangle tops and bandeaus, as well as ruched-back bottoms that make you look like you've spent hours doing lunges at the gym.

Her designs retail for $140 up to $180 at major department stores like Nordstrom as well as hotels in Vegas like Wynn and Encore. Globally, Fama's line is sold everywhere including Dubai, Barbados, the Bahamas, and more.

We chatted up Fama on the best suits for every woman's body type and here's what she had to say:

LatinZine: Best suit to minimize one's derriere?
LF: A suit that has minimal back coverage. Wearing a lot of coverage will make your derriere look bigger.

LZ: What slims out the thighs?
LF: A bottom that ties at the sides or one that has minimal coverage on the sides will make legs look longer and leaner.

LZ: What should you wear to amplify your chest?
LF: A push up halter gives you instant cleavage.

LZ: How can we hide a troublesome tummy?
LF: Our soft band bottoms don't have an elastic band around the waist so they don't cinch the waist and draw attention to the tummy.

LZ: What suit gives an overall slimming effect?
LF: Suits with dark colors and prints.

LZ: What if you want to get to get a perkier derriere?
LF: Once again, bottoms that have ruching.

LZ: Lastly, when trying on swimsuits what's the best advice you can give?
LF: Wear the suit with the smallest back coverage you feel comfortable in.


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