Wed, 25 Apr 2012 19:01:36 GMT | By Viviana Fernandez

Do “Fajas” help you lose weight?

Body shapers have any health benefits? None...

Let's face it, if you are Latina you've definitely heard of a "faja." If you do not know it by name, you know it by look. Maybe it was used to give curves a boost, keep everything 'in place', or in hopes of facilitating weight loss. Whatever the reason, odds are one of the women in your family, one of your friend's or even you have used one.

The latest sensation in the "faja" world seems to be the type advertised as "Colombiana". Perhaps making potential customers dream of having Shakira's abs after wearing the ultimate fat- melting girdle has led to that hype?

Some of the classically marketed benefits of using the Colombiana is that it doesn't require diets, its effects are enhanced with physical activity, it raises the gluteus, it helps define all of the abdominal muscles, it molds the hips, and it helps reduce weight in a natural way.

Sound spectacular? Tempting, isn't' it? Especially while eating churros on the couch at 2 am and those notorious infomercials come on TV on both English and Spanish channels.

But before you start doing the "Waka Waka" all the way to your phone and order the faja reductora of your dreams, perhaps we should talk to an expert.


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