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Felix Hernandez highest paid pitcher in MLB

The Seattle Mariners star will earn $135 million over five seasons.

Felix Hernandez. © Ted S. Warren, AP

Felix Hernandez (© Ted S. Warren/AP)

Time to call up the good folks at Guinness, Felix Hernandez has just broken another record. The Seattle Mariners star has officially become one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball, with a reported $135 million contract across five years.

For the past eight seasons, Hernandez has been a major asset to the team and not just for his signature fastballs. “King Felix,” as he’s commonly called, has a massive fanbase and a wild array of followers who literally chant his name whenever he takes the mound.

He also has one of the best records in baseball and is fresh off an incredible season. Last August Hernandez pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays, a feat which the Mariners had never been able to achieve.

Felix also made the 2012 All-Star Game lineup and struck out 223 batters throughout the year. So when it came time to negotiate a new contract, we knew Seattle would fight hard to keep him. The surprise was, how hard they fought!

To ensure that their ace pitcher stayed with the team, the Mariners’ management struck up a five-year extension to Hernandez’ deal, at an annual salary of $27.1 million. Previous reports put the contract even higher, at $175 million. But ESPN quickly shot them down, confirming the final numbers late Thursday night.

Interestingly, some sports critics are questioning whether Seattle made the right move. Unlike power hitters, a pitcher’s durability is always put into question. If a muscle is pulled or an injury takes place, it could drastically shorten their professional lifespan.

“I would give big money, but not for long years,” Phillies star Cole Hamel told Yahoo News! regarding pricey pitcher contracts.

“I’d only give three to four years [on a contract].”

Regardless, the Mariners now have their man and Hernandez should be quite happy with his standing in the club. Plus, we imagine they can still make a ton of extra profits selling King Felix bobbleheads in the Safeco Field gift shop.

Do you think Felix is worth $135 million?

Feb 8, 2013 8:55PM

How many US Citizens of Generations will foot the bill til their deaths to pay for this outrage continued?

Ralph Nader warned the public...but this is what we get: imports to replace our own opportunities while we work til we drop dead not being able to afford to attend our illustrious gov waste...

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