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Frankie Muniz Health Scare Turns Attention To Strokes

More young adults are may be at risk for “brain attacks.”

Frankie Muniz. @Spark

Frankie Muniz. @Spark

As crazy as it sounds, the possibility of suffering a stroke before the age of 40 is not that uncommon. And it can become increasingly more likely if you’re not properly taking care of yourself. 27-year-old Frankie Muniz certainly wasn’t expecting to have a "mini-stroke" while riding a motorbike last Friday, but that’s exactly what happened.

“I was really dizzy and in a lot of pain in my whole body and my head. My hands were numb,” the former Malcolm in the Middle star told People Magazine.

“I didn't really have good balance and I was almost dropping the bike. I never had this before. I felt like I was getting stabbed in the head – the worst headache you could ever think of. I couldn't seeanything."

Thankfully, Frankie quickly sought medical attention and is now on the mend. But the part Puerto-Rican star isn’t the first young celeb to be impacted by a stroke. 36-year-old Mexican actress Marlene Favela admitted to having her own “brain attack” over the summer. Her symptoms included dizziness, nausea, and “tingling” in her hands.

And according to some of the country’s top neurologists, the rate of strokes in young people could be on the rise. Issues like diet and sleeping patterns may be contributing factors, but as of right now there is no clear indication for the increase.

"Stroke has been noted to having an increased frequency in young adults without a clear cause," said Richard B. Libman, Cushing Neuroscience Institute Vice Chair, to CBSNews.

"Historically stroke has been thought to as a disease of the elderly with increased risk associated with those with preexistent atherosclerotic and heart disease."

Whatever the reasons, there are certain actions that can be taken to minimize the risk. Several health reports claim that lowering cholesterol and reducing stress can be a great starting point for staying “stroke-free” in the new year.


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