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Hulu debuts new Latino-centric show

‘East Los High’ is the first series on the web channel to feature only Hispanic actors.

© East Los High via Facebook (© East Los High via Facebook)

Good news Hulu subscribers, you’re about to get some multicultural flair added to your daily video feed. That’s right, the online TV network has just launched a new scripted series focused strictly on Latinos.

“East Los High” was created by Carlos Portugal and offers an interesting look at the Hispanic high school experience.

Carlos has actually been producing television shows for years and previously held executive positions at Fox, ABC and Telemundo. For “East Los,” he’s going behind the camera, directing every episode and overseeing the entire production. Interestingly, Portugal’s one note to the writers was “no gardeners, no gang members and no maids.”

The “East Los” plot actually involves all of the drama you’d expect in a high school soap. There’s sex, fistfights, scandalous affairs and even a pregnancy! But the show definitely takes its topics seriously, offering teen education tips throughout its official website.

“East Los” also has plenty of familiar faces in the cast, including “Freedom Writers” star Gabriel Chavarria as lead character Jacob and “Filly Brown’s” Jorge Diaz as the fast-talking Paulie. And if that weren’t enough, the series has a very colorful soundtrack too, highlighted by up-and-coming R&B star Jodi V.

As with all Hulu shows, you can watch “East Los High” bit by bit or in one long marathon run. Multiple episodes are available on the site now, but be warned. As with any good soap, you’re bound to get hooked on the drama and love stories. So carve out some serious time for yourself and step inside the halls of “East Los High.”

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