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Popular myths about White Americans

Latinos can be very prejudiced too

Latinos can be very prejudiced too (© © Ocean/Corbis)
  • Latinos can be very prejudiced too (© © Ocean/Corbis)
  • Poor sense of fashion (© © John Giustina/Corbis)
  • White Americans make cold lovers (© © Astra Production/Getty Images)
  • Men make the best husbands, women are detached from home (© © Tino Tedaldi/Cultura/Getty Images)
  • White Americans aren’t worldly (© © Monty Rakusen/Getty Images)
  • White men (and women) can't dance (© © Brand New Images/Getty Images)
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Latinos and other minorities are often at the receiving end of prejudices and misconceptions. Yet it is also true that we, ourselves, often commit the same sins. Yep, we too can be pretty prejudiced and hold unfounded views. This is especially true of our white American neighbors. Some are laughable, some are not, but they all should concern us. To be treated fairly and equally, we have to treat everyone else the same.

Using the highly unscientific method of polling Facebook friends, I asked my 400 plus online pals to share some of the myths they’ve heard about white Americans. This is what they came up with.

Feb 11, 2013 3:30AM

  Although I am white, I have to agree with many of those stereo types you wrote about. Whites generally cannot dance as naturally as blacks or hispanics. My hispanic coworkers used to refer to us and to our music as sleep walkers and sleep music, and they would tease us unmercifully, but with good nature.

  It also, seems to me that most of the people I meet abroad (I've been to about 20 countries and have lived in China for 10 years)  are from other countries, and the few Americans I meet seem to have never really left home emotionally or intellectually. Even though they are just common folks at home, they behave as though they are superior to the locals n every way, and cannot find anything good about the local ways. It's very disheartening to listen to them brag. 

  As far as the lovemaking,I think you are right on. It's an individual thing, and my Chinese wife seems to think I am a great lover. But what does she know; she's Chinese!! Only kidding she's right, of course. 

Feb 11, 2013 10:43AM
ON the lovers one, sounds like the author had some the white boy
Spare me with the "whitey" stuff: PResidente Fox has lighter skin than our entire family!
What are Chicano, Latino, Hispanic, contributions to science, math, medicine other than Dial# for Spanish...poverty 1 to billions?
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